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A Message From Our President & CEO

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Dear Shareholders, Customers, and Friends,

Many people are asking questions about the recent bank failures. Within 3 days of each other, Silicon Valley Bank in California (SVB) and Signature Bank in New York both failed. These two banks had significantly different risk profiles than Integrity Bank & Trust. For example, Signature Bank had exposure to cryptocurrencies and SVB’s deposit base came from Venture Capital firms and Start-Up Technology companies. These business lines are speculative in nature, and Integrity Bank & Trust does not carry exposure to either of them.

Integrity Bank & Trust is on solid footing. Our finances are strong, and we carry sufficient capital and liquidity to meet customer demands. We deal with local businesses and local consumers that we know and have actual relationships with. We do not have any exposure to the risky business lines mentioned above. We care deeply about our community and make business decisions that will ensure our longevity in the area. For customers that have questions about FDIC insurance, we stand ready and are prepared to assist.

Integrity Bank & Trust is stronger than ever and here to serve you, your family, and your business. Should you have any questions about Integrity, please call us and we can answer any concerns you have. We are here for you.

      Brett Wyss


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