News & Events

2018 Integrity U

January 31 – Planning for the new year/Goals/Ambitions/Mission

Paying off a credit card, saving for a vacation, planning for retirement. Whether your goals are big or small, unless you take the right steps now, they will never become a reality. Join Raider Keenan and Jeremiah Erickson (Integrity Trust Officers) this month and learn how simple it can be to achieve your financial goals.

February 28 – Understanding your Credit Score

Ashley Lawrence (Loan Officer at Integrity Bank & Trust) will be teaching you how to get smart about credit. We will be discussing what credit is, the factors that impact your score, and what you can do to increase it.

March 28 – Debt Management

Larry Dozier (Integrity Senior Trust Officer) will discuss strategies for reducing debt (and stress) from your life. His "Bill Spreadsheet" has been used by thousands to regain control over the finances and he’ll share his secret with you.