• Personal Savings

    Personal Savings

    Set your savings goals in motion with an interest-bearing account that can help you build your rainy day fund. You'll have access to your account with up to 6 withdrawals per month.

  • Money Market Savings

    Money Market Savings

    Raise your interest rate as you build your bottom line — higher tiered rates reward higher account balances. Write up to 6 checks per month at no extra charge.

  • Minor Savings

    Minor Savings

    Let your child see how saving pays first-hand. There's no monthly service fee or minimum balance. Minor Savings is exclusive to savers under age 18.

  • iHike Kids Club Savings

    iHike Kids Club Savings

    Saving is simple and fun when you start your child on an iHike Kids Club adventure. Savers win exciting rewards with each milestone. Perfect for ages 0 to 12.

  • Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

    Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

    Bank on guaranteed returns, with higher rates on longer term CDs. Funds are FDIC insured for your protection. A great way to save for your future.

  • Health Savings Account (HSA)

    Health Savings Account (HSA)

    Save for future medical expenses, while earning interest tax-free to help cover the costs of healthcare. Funds are easy to access with a convenient HSA debit card.